09 November 2011

Lord Jesus, Are You Son of Man or Son of God?



“Lord Jesus, are you Son of Man

That came down here and walked this land?
If you’re not, then Son of God?
You see I find it really odd.

Master, make it very plain
So I don’t have to ask again!”
 “My friend,” said Jesus, “Don’t you see?
Our Father created all – that’s you and me.

So Sons of God we surely are.
Every soul and everything so far
Were by our Creator wrought.
He made us by his loving thought.

So Son of Man I surely be!
I came to teach that man was free.
I had philosophy to teach,
There were so many souls to reach.

And I was tempted as you know,
But we have free will, and so
I resisted all that Satan said,
But then in love you thought me dead!

But I am always here with you
To show you that which you should do.
Remember when it comes to pass,
And you come home to us at last.

You’ll find the peace within the dove,
And I shall greet you with the love
That you have shown to me down here,
And show that you have nought to fear.

Think of all the things I’ve said,
As on your path you faithfully tread.
Give to the Creator all his due
For he gave love and life to you.”

Psychic poem given to Michael Ayers on Saturday, 21st October 2000

27 March 2009

What, When and I Must


These were the first three Psychic Poems that I received. Complete in every way and yet always meant to be together.

What is the purpose of it all?
Why do the trees grow up so tall?
What must I do to make a score?
Why does ‘God’ need me here at all?
Why in autumn do the leaves so fall?
Why is winter the worse of all?
What is illness that makes us raw?
Why do we have to die at all?
What is the reason we get the call?
Why work for Spirit and give love to all?
What’s the meaning of the Conversion of Saul?
Why did the Samaritan stop when others did damn all?
What if I fail to accept the call?
Will I be damned for evermore?


When the sky’s a mixture of blue and sombre grey
When the seeds of failure grow up along the way
When love’s hurt by foolishness and the stupid words I say
When my childish mind’s oblivious to the air of much decay
When I think I’m right and insist I have my way
When I hurt my loved ones and lose their love today
When my ambition stands before me in the way
When I fall down on my path because there’s a boulder in the way
When I loose the reason why I am here and start to sway
When paradise is lost and I must go away
When I feel its autumn, but its really only May
When I count my chickens and see them fly away
When I abandon my progression and forget that I must pray
When I forget that I’m created, then I know I’ve lost my way.

This was followed by a vision of a new beginning, the stars brightly shining in the night sky and then the total eclipse of the sun. I was then given the sonnet 'I Must'.


I must start a new beginning. That’s what I have to do.
I must remember at the beginning is the early morning dew.
I must remember that the stars above also shine for you.
I must remember that in love it’s the giving that you do.
I must remember not to hurt by saying what is true.
I must remember to do the things that I’m really meant to do.
I must remember why I was created and give my ‘God’ his due.
I must remember what it is that ‘He’ depends on me to do.
I must not be egotistic and I must always listen to the view
Of other people’s notions and not fill my ears with glue.
I must remember not to panic and end up in a stew.
I must give to ‘God’ ‘His’ purpose of what I’m here to do.
I must listen very carefully to my guides and helpers too.
I must remember always that it’s Love that makes it all come true.

Psychic Poems given to Michael Ayers on Sunday, 1st October 2000

10 March 2009

The Light of Love


The Light of Love is our protection, so we might not fear
The things that come in darkness, for they are always near.
We must keep ourselves in Love, so that we won’t know,
The darkness that is all around, wherever we do go.
We should always remember that our protection is the Light
Which always breaches darkness – that Law is always right.
The Love of God is given to protect us from this fear.
There is nothing to fear but fear itself, so don’t let it draw near.
The only reason why it’s dark is because they turn their back
On our Creator’s Light of Love that produces such a lack
Inside their world without good things, where there’s an evil life,
Full of pain and hurt and woe, which means eternal strife.
Should darkness come around you, you won’t have anything to fear
Make sure you let God’s Light of Love be ever close and near.
If you do that simple thing then evil can’t appear to you
God’s Light will always pierce the darkness. That is true!
Our Love is our eternal armour that was given to us all
To make our struggles worth their weight and never let us fall.
So keep your Love of God right there and you never will be blue
It’s such a simple thing to ask and that we all must do.
Remember Master Jesus was tempted for forty days and nights
But in his heart he kept the Love of our Creator’s Golden Lights.
Even as he was tempted, and he knew he was the Son of God.
He was prepared to take the Devil on and not be scourgéd by his rod
That would have beaten his faith from him, but he kept his soul so pure
And even if Satan had had forty years he never would come near.
So remember Friends of Jesus, and I hope we always are
If we put our trust in him our progression can go far.

Psychic Poem given to Michael Ayers on Thursday, 19th October 2000

08 March 2009

The Mists of Time


The Mists of Time are all around
Blanking out what’s on the ground.
What is very clear to see
Is how blinkered our vision be.
Our life upon the earthly plane
Is lived through five senses that we gain.
We must learn to control our mind,
So that in truth we all can find,
All other things that about us stand
On this very earthly land.
You see, Spirit is all around us here
If only we can listen in and hear,
Those who work for us in love
And help as we go with hand in glove.
If we can open all these links,
So we may know what Spirit thinks.
It’s right for us upon our path,
To do our Creator’s work at last.
He gives us all these gifts, so we
May work on through eternity.
If we are not to blind to see
What Spirit gives to you and me.
Everybody has these gifts
If only we accept the lifts
That rise on up in our spiritual mind
And learn to seek, so we can find.
So let these pathways open up
And at the Cup of Knowledge we can sup,
To purify our life again
So we will not have lived in vain.

Psychic Poem given to Michael Ayers on Tuesday, 21st November 2000

22 February 2009

You Must Have No Other Gods Before Me




“My Created, you must never have false gods before Me
And yet you worship the gods of Science and Technology.
What have I given you Love for, and the beauty of a tree?
Why do you think that with Science you can manage without Me.
I gave you one another, so you would not feel alone
And yet you fight each one, down to the very bone.
If you gave Love and Healing to comfort other’s hurts
It’d be a better place to raise your children on this Earth.
If you could Love your neighbour and not covet what he’s got
In time, My Created Children, you could really learn a lot.
Don’t worship other idols that don’t give a cuss for Me
But use the gifts I’ve given you through that Technology.
Remember that in Science, the laws where made by Me
So don’t create false idols of Science and Technology.”

Psychic Poem given to Michael Ayers on Sunday, 16th October 2000

18 February 2009

The Rollright Stones

A Psychic Poem



in Oxfordshire

on Tuesday, 17th October 2000

This is a good example of psychic poetry. As I was driving in Oxfordshire, England a few years ago I was told to go to my destination via the Rollright Stones. I had been before and so I was happy to drive there and park the car in the lay-by outside. I walked into the centre of the stone circle and waited.

“You haven’t brought your recorder,” I was told firmly.

This was true. I had left it in the car, as I didn’t know why I had been asked to come here. When I returned to the centre of the circle and switched it on, I was given the poem below without a break. I still retain the tape. It proves to me that it was given by Spirit. I could never have possibly written it, let alone recited it straight off without a break.


In the middle of this circle I do stand
Surrounded by these stones upon the land.
The visitors, who come here, may not know
That our spiritual ancestors made it so.
If you watch the stones with care
You can make out faces there.
Surely there are messages upon the wind
If we could only listen and tune in.
Here it was in olden time
That our forefathers came to find
Spiritual answers to their prayers
To understand the life upstairs.
These hardened stones were placéd here
To make magnetic fields appear
To increase those simple vibrations
That can move mountains and alter nations.
Surely we have not moved too far
To understand what these things are?
Have we become too blind to see
That they are here for teaching you and me?
A chill wind blows as I think of this.
How awful it would be for humanity to miss
The wonders that have been left behind
And remainéd here for us to mind.
This is not the warmest place to be
But I’ll remember serendipity
And as I go I’ll hope to find
My place on Earth and peace of mind.

Psychic Poetry given on Tuesday, 17th October 2000